Welcome to AzonMasterminds.com!

My name is Bob, and I am a wanna be internet marketer. I created this site out of frustration. I love to talk about making money with Amazon, but no matter which “community” I joined, there was no engagement. I’m serious, I’ve spent enough money and time joining online communities to only talk to myself!

So, I said, you know what, i’m going to start a blog and talk about my journey! I hope to hear from others as we can all help each other be successful online!

My first site

I created my first site in 2011. I used longtail pro to gather what I thought was a really great keyword! I thought the keyword was getting something like 8000 searches a month, only to find out after I built the site, that it only get’s 120 searches per month! I believe the pillar article was around 1400 words and I wrote 2 other articles.

I was mad, so I never touched the site again. However, I averaged about 400 searches per month and I was ranking for a few keywords in the top5. There were a few sales here and there, that was enough to keep me going. But then it came time to re-register and I didn’t have the $15 bucks to do it, so I let it go. Funny part is, 4 months later I had some money and a coupon from godaddy, so I re-bought it!

Traffic was back up to around 1400 per month now and an average of $75 a month without every touching it!

But, I was desperate for money once again( by the way, i’m a college student!) so I thought, maybe I could sell it. So, I went to flippa and created a very crappy auction listing(first time, no clue what I was doing).

I won’t get into details about the sharks and other things you should and shouldn’t do, it was a great learning experience for sure and in the end I sold that site for $1500.00!

Now what?

I’m super excited to tackle new adventures in marketing. I feel like i’ve learned a lot of how to make money and I’m going too! But first, I wrote down my strengths and weaknesses.

What are my weaknesses for internet marketing?

  1. I hate writing content!
  2. I hate doing back-links!
  3. I start too many sites!

What are my strengths?

  1. I love internet marketing!
  2. I love keyword research!
  3. I love the excitement of finding new sites to start!
  4. I write very well, when I do write!
  5. I have a good eye for aesthetics!
  6. I love talking to other marketers

I’m glad I have less weaknesses than strengths!

So here is what I did.

  1. I created this site, to help me and to help get me in touch with you.
  2. I created an article writing software, that doesn’t write or spin content, it helps me pump out 2000 word articles! And one that does just reviews (500-1000 words).
  3. I came up with a site plan, and to only work on one site at a time!

This is day one, I wanted to start on the first of June 2015, but, life got in the way. No more excuses!

How I will structure my sites

My site plan is like this.

  • Homepage article (2000-4000 words) Many keywords including my main (33,000) and secondary (1500)
  • From homepage link to 5-10 products to review on separate posts
  • And I will repeat this step as many times as possible.
  • I’m hoping to have over 50 articles per site

Seems simple enough. But does it work? I’m not sure yet! Follow my journey, I’m starting today!


So, that is my online life from start to now. Overall, I’ve made only $4500 with amazon and selling that site. If I’m going to survive off this lifestyle, I need to be making $2000 a month or get a job. Can I make it to that by the end of September? I sure as hell better! Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment and say hey, you’re crazy! Or hey, that’s chump change!

Either way, let’s get going on this!